The Beauty Of Virginity

The-Beauty-Of-Virginity-3073071_1The Beauty Of Virginity


Every mother who desires that her daughter or son lives a sexually pure life must take urgent measures about it today. Years ago, young boys and girls who were not married were trained to always look down on counterparts who have lost their virginity and are sexually active. The beauty and the dignity of virginity was highly extolled, appreciated, and rewarded, even on the wedding day.

Now, the story has changed. Young adults who have lost theirs untimely and under the most unreasonable circumstances seem to be the most celebrated while those who hold on to theirs are fast becoming endangered species in our communities today. Virgins now are mocked, embarrassed, molested and looked down upon. They are constantly pressured by peers to join their counterparts who have lost theirs.

The society is so much saturated with sex. It has placed so much emphasis on immorality and promiscuity so much so that it looks as though it is the right thing to do. It is so broadcasted everywhere that you cannot miss it. In essence, the youths and teenagers of today have become very sexually aggressive, and the earlier we reckon with this fact and take preventive measures to guard against the sexual challenges of the day, the better for us.

Truly, virginity is meant to be lost, but the timing of the lost, coupled with the circumstances that surround it, and who it is being lost to, is as important as the act of the loss itself. This book in your hands, written by Sam. O. Salau, Africa’s Leading Author on Youth & Students Issues, may be your most important contribution in saving the destiny of just one more teenager/youth from the werewolf of sexual impurity that is destroying this generation.

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