N’nu gbogbo ayida aye

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N’nu gbogbo ayida aye,
Ayo on wahala;
Iyin Olorun ni y’o ma
Wa l’enu mi titi.
Gbe Oluwa ga pelu mi,
Ba mi gb’Oko Re ga;
N’nu wahala, ‘gba mo kepe,
O si yo mi kuro
Ogun Olorun wa yika
Ibugbe oloto;
Eniti o ba gbekele
Yio sir i ‘gbala
Sa dan ife Re wo lekan
Gbana’ wo o mo pe,
Awon to di oto Re mu
Nikan l’eni ‘bukun.
Eberu Re, enyin mimo,
Eru miran ko si;
Sa ja ki ‘sin Re j’ayo yin,
On y’o ma toju yin.


Through all the changing scenes of life,
in trouble and in joy,
the praises of my God shall still
my heart and tongue employ.

O magnify the Lord with me,
with me exalt his Name;
when in distress to him I called,
he to my rescue came.

The hosts of God encamp around
the dwellings of the just;
deliverance he affords to all
who on his succor trust.

O make but trial of his love;
experience will decide
how blest are they, and only they
who in his truth confide.

Fear him, ye saints, and you will then
have nothing else to fear;
make you his service your delight;
your wants shall be his care.

For God preserves the souls of those
who on his truth depend;
to them and their posterity
his blessing shall descend.

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