Boost Your G.P. – 7 Habits of Highly Effective Students

Boost-Your-GP-3984607Boost Your G.P. – 7 Habits of Highly Effective Students


The G.P., Grade Point as it is called, has become the cruel taskmaster on every campus. Most students are groaning under its grip. No matter how hard they try, they seem not to have yet discovered what to do to give it a rise as it keeps taking a downward surge at the end of every semester. This has constituted academic problems to so many students and has translated into emotional problems to so many others. Some even thinks it is a spiritual one. The G.P. has become the determinant of the most brilliant students. It is what separates the successful students from the unsuccessful one. So many even believes, contrary to reality though, that it is the difference between the hardworking students and the lazy ones.

The earth is governed by rules called natural laws. These rules work irrespective of location, race, religion and colour. As there are natural laws that govern the earth generally, so also there are natural laws that govern academics too, which most times are either not known to students, or known but not taken too serious. This is the core of students’ problem with G.P. It is either because of something they need to do which they consciously or unconsciously are not doing, or something they need not do which they constantly find themselves doing.

This is the essence of this book, to teach both of these, and to keep your G. P. ever soaring.

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