Academics And Your Spiritual Life: How To Strike A Balance Between The Two And Still Excel In Both With Ease.

Academics-Your-Spiritual-Life-3073949_1Academics And Your Spiritual Life


Contrary to popular belief, spirituality is no excuse for mediocrity. Dedication and commitment to the things of God does not enhance academic failure, it promotes academic excellence. Success for a Christian Student is defined as spiritual buoyancy and academic progression. You must be able to affect lives on campus and at the same time maintain a splendid academic performance.

The problem of academic excellence that exasperates Christian Students is the cause of their deeper problem of abstinence from fellowship activities on campus. Academic success has become the major reason for most Christian Students’ estrangement from God. Those who get it are not in faith while those in faith seem not near it, no matter how hard they tried.

It is pathetic to see students who are fervent in the Spirit and burning for the Lord fail in their academics. They make great impacts in the ministry but fail to extend the impact into their academics. They teach others about the rules, guidelines and secrets of success but they are not successful themselves. They are victims of academic failure. This is pitiable and should be given immediate attention since it has given so many people a wrong impression about the Christian Faith and student-hood.

This book by Sam. O. Salau, Africa’s Leading Author On Youths and Students Issues, will help you balance both your academics and your spiritual life, and also give you principles that will make you excel in both with ease.

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