A Letter To All Secondary School Graduates

A-Letter-To-All-Secondary-School-Graduates-3073132_1A Letter To All Secondary School Graduates


How fast time flies! It seems like only yesterday when you started your first kindergarten class. Now you are graduating from secondary school and will soon be off to the higher institution. Then in another four years or so, you are ready to face the labour market.

This book is a collection of what higher institution undergraduates wished someone had told them when they were graduating from secondary schools.

Although you are most likely going to be about sixteen to eighteen years of age very soon and can be considered to be an adult, you still need some guidance from those who had tread the path before you.

Most adults like to dictate to teenagers how to live their lives. The essence of this book by Sam. O. Salau, Africa’s Leading Author On Youths & Students Issues, is not to do this, but to honestly let you learn from the past mistakes of your predecessors. This will save you from most of the stupid things we did ourselves.

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