Spread Your Faith

Spread-Your-Faith-3073931_1Spread your faith


Soul winning is every Christian’s responsibility. It is even more than a mere responsibility; it is a great privilege. We have been given the cherished honor to be partakers in the glorious task of bringing people into the eternal family of God. There is never a more significant cause to give one’s life to.

But many will not for once open their mouths to preach the gospel to fellow students. If every Christian leaves the job of evangelism to some Christians, we will be too surprised to see that no Christian would do what any Christian could have done, and the whole world will perish right under our noses.

This book by Sam. O. Salau discusses why we must do it, why we don’t want to do it, how to go about it and what happens if we refuse to do it. It is a book for all Christians.

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