How to Give a Great Interview

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How to Give a Great Interview

Successful Interviewing for Successful Book Promotion




As a self-published author, the chance to give a personal interview about your book is the pinnacle of book marketing opportunities. Not only can you provide current and potential readers with an insider’s look at how your book came to life and a deeper understanding of your book and creative process, you can create urgency for readers to buy your book. While the particulars of each radio, TV, and print interview may vary widely, here are some tips to help you deliver your best and effectively promote your book.


Practice Makes Perfect

Recruit a friend or family member to ask questions about your work, and practice crafting answers that are direct and meaningful, yet brief. Don’t worry about sounding “canned” or over-rehearsed–chances are, you won’t be asked exactly the same questions, and it’s always better to err on the side of more preparation than less.
Be Reader-Centric

Perhaps you’ve heard the adage “Facts tell; stories sell.” Don’t just tell your audience about your book; use your way with words to help them see how the book will ultimately benefit their lives. The point of the interview is to create excitement for your work and an urgency to purchase your book. Make sure you convey key messages at the beginning and end of the interview, leaving time in the middle to discuss the details.
Keep It Simple

During your interview, avoid using jargon or terminology that your audience may not understand. The audience for the interview may be unfamiliar with the subject matter of your title, so try to answer questions without using technical language. If you do use a technical term, be sure to explain it as well.
Watch What You Say

In today’s media, anything you say is fair game to be printed, quoted, or reported, so choose your words carefully. Consider “off the record” out of the question. A good rule of thumb is to avoid saying anything you wouldn’t want printed on the front page of the paper.
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